Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Pressure Wash Your Block Walls

Cinder block walls: many have them, few think to clean them. Usually cinder block walls are outside being used as a fence or something of that sort. It’s not something that you’re up next to a lot or that your kids are playing on. So, why clean them?

Block walls are porous, which means that they are susceptible to moisture and dirt seeping inside all of the little holes that make up cinder block. This can potentially lead to mold growth in your block wall and will also start to look discolored and grimy from the dust that is trapped inside. Eventually, the particles and moisture contained in the blocks can eat away at the concrete and hinder the integrity and strength of your wall.

Scrubbing a concrete wall yourself isn’t the best way to clean it for a couple of different reasons. Not only is doing it on your hands and knees ineffective, it is also time consuming. A sponge and some soap does not penetrate to the inside of the porous surfaces and using a heavy-duty, chemical laden cleaner can often cause more harm to the structure of the wall if the chemicals are left to site inside.

High power pressure washing is the best way to guarantee a thorough and spotless cleaning. It is a great tactic to get your block wall back to mint condition as it can get through the dirt on the surface as well as the dirt and grime trapped deep inside the cinder blocks. Using only a steady stream of water being shot out at a high-pressure, you are able to quickly remove stains and shine your way to a brand new wall.


While some try to undertake pressure washing their own walls, hiring professionals is the best way to go. Not only do most have a lot of experience with restoring cinder block walls to immaculate condition, they know their way around a pressure washer and the dos and don’ts of operating them. Pressure washers can be dangerous tools when used improperly and can often lead to more damage than clean surfaces. Avoid the risk of a battered block wall and consider calling your local professionals to do the dirty job for you.

Knowing the reasons why you should maintain and clean your block wall regularly, you can make the best choice for you and find out more information on power washing services in San Diego by checking out this website.


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