Four Reasons To Restore Windows

The architectural charm of original windows in old homes is impressive and important to many homebuyers. Unfortunately, older windows are less likely to be energy efficient. Consider the benefits of restoring the windows rather than replacing them.

1. Most historic windows are made of strong, long-lasting wood taken from big trees. In some instances, those types of tree species have died out and are not available for new construction. Restoring these types of windows allows for original design and materials to be preserved.

2. Windows that are in relatively good shape will make the restoration surprisingly affordable. Over time, glass accumulates chips, scratches, dirt, and grease, which result in a faded-looking appearance. Faded windows can compromise viewing and even safety. Glass can become corroded. Pollution, building run off and water spots cause streaks, cloudiness, and rainbow effects. A professional can easily eliminate these types of problems. New windows aren’t necessary in these cases.

3. Another plus for restoration is that skilled window technicians have the ability to leave the unique, original glass details undisturbed.

4. One should consider that replacing vintage windows might reduce the selling price of the home. Original windows are a strong selling feature in older homes.

If the decision is made to restore verses replace, a professional can make certain that the windows are secure and energy efficient, all while keeping the unique features that are essential to a historic home. Restoring and not replacing is usually the best way to go, especially if want energy savings.  Please visit this website for additional information on a window cleaning company in San Diego.


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