Improve Solar Panel Efficiency and Longevity With Professional Cleaning


Sola power cleaning is frequently ignored, but having your solar panels professionally cleaned can greatly improve the efficiency and lifespan of your solar power.

Energy Loss


Dust, soot, rain, smog, bird droppings, leaves, and fungus can quickly collect on the surface of solar panels. As a result, the solar panels’ effectiveness can substantially diminish because they are unable to absorb adequate sunlight.  As a result of blockage, owners can lose somewhere between 25 – 30% of their energy efficiency.

Damage Prevention


Hot spots created as a result of debris not only diminish the effectiveness of your solar system but also shorten its lifespan. In addition, debris and hot spots can cause more extensive and even irreparable damage to the equipment, leading to more costly repairs.

Risks of Home Cleaning


While it might seem simple, solar power cleaning on your own is risky. Because solar panels are frequently located on the roof, you can put yourself at great risk for falling and injury. In addition, inexperience can lead to damage to the solar panels or roof. It is a complex electrical system, which can be easily broken without the proper care.

Professional Services


Professionals possess an in-depth knowledge of an array of different solar panels. Because there are a wide-range manufacturers and products, it is important to know the specific cleaning guidelines for your system to prevent damage to the equipment, which could result in more expensive repairs. Additionally, cleaners have the tools to easily reach your roof and panels with decreased risk of injury.

For more information on solar panel cleaning in San Diego, visit this website.


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