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5 Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Parking Lot

The external appearance of your business leaves an important initial impression on both current and future customers. A dirty or dingy façade could deter potential customers and greatly impact the overall success of your business. Pressure washing can restore the beauty of your parking lot, as it provides an array of benefits.

1. Effectiveness


Pressure washing, also known as power washing, effectively abolishes dirt, grime and other debris from the surface of your parking lot. Using a range of nozzles and tools along with detergents, power cleaners leave previously shabby surfaces sparkling.

2. Variety


Over time, parking lots collect more than dirt, gathering a multitude of stains, from oil and grease to graffiti and gum. Pressure washing can completely erase even the toughest substances.

3. Expertise


When considering power washing, it is important to turn to an expert. While it might be tempting to rent equipment on your own, cement and other surfaces need to be treated with special care, and a professional can provide the appropriate approach for your particular needs.

4. Efficiency


Using the proper tools leads to greater cleaning efficiency. Power washing machines come in a variety of options, and a professional knows which tools and nozzles to use to get each unique job done quickly and effectively.

5. Prevention

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Four Reasons To Restore Windows

The architectural charm of original windows in old homes is impressive and important to many homebuyers. Unfortunately, older windows are less likely to be energy efficient. Consider the benefits of restoring the windows rather than replacing them.

1. Most historic windows are made of strong, long-lasting wood taken from big trees. In some instances, those types of tree species have died out and are not available for new construction. Restoring these types of windows allows for original design and materials to be preserved.

2. Windows that are in relatively good shape will make the restoration surprisingly affordable. Over time, glass accumulates chips, scratches, dirt, and grease, which result in a faded-looking appearance. Faded windows can compromise viewing and even safety. Glass can become corroded. Pollution, building run off and water spots cause streaks, cloudiness, and rainbow effects. A professional can easily eliminate these types of problems. New windows aren’t necessary in these cases.

3. Another plus for restoration is that skilled window technicians have the ability to leave the unique, original glass details undisturbed.

4. One should consider that replacing vintage windows might reduce the selling price of the home. Original windows are a strong selling feature in older homes.

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Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Pressure Wash Your Block Walls

Cinder block walls: many have them, few think to clean them. Usually cinder block walls are outside being used as a fence or something of that sort. It’s not something that you’re up next to a lot or that your kids are playing on. So, why clean them?

Block walls are porous, which means that they are susceptible to moisture and dirt seeping inside all of the little holes that make up cinder block. This can potentially lead to mold growth in your block wall and will also start to look discolored and grimy from the dust that is trapped inside. Eventually, the particles and moisture contained in the blocks can eat away at the concrete and hinder the integrity and strength of your wall.

Scrubbing a concrete wall yourself isn’t the best way to clean it for a couple of different reasons. Not only is doing it on your hands and knees ineffective, it is also time consuming. A sponge and some soap does not penetrate to the inside of the porous surfaces and using a heavy-duty, chemical laden cleaner can often cause more harm to the structure of the wall if the chemicals are left to site inside.

High power pressure washing is the best way to guarantee a thorough and spotless cleaning. It is a great tactic to get your block wall back to mint condition as it can get through the dirt on the surface as well as the dirt and grime trapped deep inside the cinder blocks. Using only a steady stream of water being shot out at a high-pressure, you are able to quickly remove stains and shine your way to a brand new wall.

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