Two Reasons To Power Wash Your Patio Furniture

After a long winter season, it’s imperative to prepare your patio and outdoor furniture for the spring and summer months ahead. If you are wondering how to get your backyard furniture in tip-top shape, consider power washing it. It is a really good idea, and here are two valuable reasons why.

1. Cleaning your outdoor furniture will extend its life and usefulness. It will spruce up your backyard area and get it ready for that all-important barbeque season. Most all types of outdoor furniture can be power washed including, wood, vinyl, aluminum, wrought iron, wicker, and teak. This cleaning technique will wash away the stains, dirt, and even the grease and grim. It’s so easy—just turn on the water and start spraying.

2. It sounds nice to buy a new set of patio furniture for every season; but for most people, that is not a realistic option. Power washing furniture is a frugal way to bring new life to old furniture. You’ll be delighted with how dingy furniture can look fresh again by simply renting a power sprayer or investing in one yourself. The cost of renting a power sprayer verses buying a whole new set of furniture is more than considerable. The money you will save will pay for lots of food for the summer parties ahead.

Patio furniture is an investment and really can stand the test of time if kept clean and well cared for. If you would like more information on power washing services in San Diego, please feel free to visit our website.


When Should My Windows Be Commercially Washed?

If you run a business, you know that making a good first impression is important to your success. The appearance of your facility from the outside might just determine what that first impression will be. All businesses should work to keep their windows clean. Some require cleaning more often because they get dirtier more easily. Consider when and if your windows should be cleaned.

1. The location of your windows will determine how often they need to be washed. Buildings that are close to busy streets and highways will get dirty much more quickly than those in suburban areas where the traffic is moderate and even quiet.

2. If your place of business is surrounded by trees that drip sap, has mulched or soil areas up against the building, or even along side the parking lot, the glass will need to be cleaned more often due to the debris in the air.

3. Lots of rain and water from the sprinklers can necessitate the cleaning of the windows because the water leaves behind unsightly mineral deposits. These spots are definitely not pleasing to the eye.

4. Although you want your business to look good from the outside, part of that appearance results from what is happening on the inside. This requires that windows need to be cleaned on both the inside and outside.

Dusty, dirty and unkempt windows will definitely not give the appearance of a neat and tidy business. Keep your windows crystal clear by calling a professional. Please visit this website for additional details on a window cleaning company in San Diego.