Clean Skylights Are Windows to the World

Among the most attractive additions to any home design are skylights. Economical, energy efficient, and eye-catching, these style elements provide excellent passive light for ambiance and savings so long as they are kept clean, clear, and serviceable. Many people, though, fail to prioritize skylight maintenance, and those people find themselves facing serious dinginess that affects the light passage and the energy efficiency of these windows. While some will be low enough for homeowners to reach via ladder, the best idea for routine maintenance of skylights is to have them periodically cleaned and serviced by professionals.

Generally, skylights are susceptible to a variety of pollutants, chemicals, and other contaminants that may cause them to become grimy and/or opaque. Urban areas are replete with dusts, pollens, oils, and particulates that adhere to glass to cause streaks, films, and layers. Attempting to reach these with your hands or even an extension tool can be very dangerous, and cleaning the outside of the assembly may be impossible for do-it-yourselfers. Professionals come fully equipped with the proper tools, cleaning supplies, and know how it takes to remove the filth quickly, easily, and safely. Meanwhile, whenever quality work is guaranteed, smart consumers stand to save time and money by hiring professionals.

Some people depend solely on sight to determine when there skylights need cleaning and other maintenance. Certainly just attempting to look through the panes is one excellent way to determine if immediate action is necessary. The best approach is routine, preventive maintenance, though. Scheduling cleaning to occur quarterly, biannually, or even yearly will help you to maintain the attractiveness of your home, elegant passive lighting, and the longevity of the skylight assembly itself.

Among the types of cleaning professionals apply to skylight and other window maintenance are grime removal, screen cleaning (including bug removal), oxidant removal, and sealing. Calling a professional to help with these problems gives you a second set of eyes for assessing other issues as well, including the integrity of the assembly and the presence of leaks or other damage. Furthermore, serious cleaning professionals offer glass restoration services, too, and this can be particularly valuable in urban settings where chemicals and other pollutants lead to oxidation that causes stains not removable by general cleaning.

Skylights are beautiful additions to many homes, and the passive lighting they provide for elegance and ambiance should be enhanced whenever possible. Professional glass cleaners will help you to determine the best schedule for your skylight maintenance. For more information on skylight cleaning in San Diego, please visit this website.


Hard Water – What Does It Really Mean?

Hard water is classified through its high mineral content. This composition is created as water passes through minerals like chalk, limestone and dolomite, which contain magnesium and calcium.

Sources of Hardness


The hardness of water is established by its composition of multivalent cations, most commonly Mg2+ (positively charged magnesium) and Ca2+ (positively charged calcium). Temporary hardness is created when bicarbonate minerals are dissolved into the water and can easily be removed through boiling. Permanent hardness is commonly caused by existence of calcium sulfate or magnesium sulfates in water, which cannot be removed through boiling.


While hard water has proven harmless to human health, it can pose an array of other issues. First, hard water can prevent the production of suds when using soap, which results in soap scum, dingy clothing and spotty dishes. In addition, the mineral deposits can create even more detrimental issues in larger buildings, clogging pipes, restricting water flow and blocking hot water. In addition, hard water can cause harmful breakdowns of water equipment, including cooling towers and boilers.



At home and in larger buildings, hard water can leave unsightly spotty stains on windows, floors and sinks. These stains can be very difficult to remove, but a professional cleaning service can easily and effectively restore these surfaces.

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5 Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Parking Lot

The external appearance of your business leaves an important initial impression on both current and future customers. A dirty or dingy façade could deter potential customers and greatly impact the overall success of your business. Pressure washing can restore the beauty of your parking lot, as it provides an array of benefits.

1. Effectiveness


Pressure washing, also known as power washing, effectively abolishes dirt, grime and other debris from the surface of your parking lot. Using a range of nozzles and tools along with detergents, power cleaners leave previously shabby surfaces sparkling.

2. Variety


Over time, parking lots collect more than dirt, gathering a multitude of stains, from oil and grease to graffiti and gum. Pressure washing can completely erase even the toughest substances.

3. Expertise


When considering power washing, it is important to turn to an expert. While it might be tempting to rent equipment on your own, cement and other surfaces need to be treated with special care, and a professional can provide the appropriate approach for your particular needs.

4. Efficiency


Using the proper tools leads to greater cleaning efficiency. Power washing machines come in a variety of options, and a professional knows which tools and nozzles to use to get each unique job done quickly and effectively.

5. Prevention

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